The GARBAGE HILL Ladies Baseball Tee

The GARBAGE HILL Ladies Baseball Tee

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It was a sign that captured our hearts for a short period of time but it wasn't destined for fame or Hollywood status. 

For us, it'll live on forever as we will proudly wear this iconic Winnipeg sign!

We are proud to be working with Ace Burpee on this project - a portion of proceeds will be donated to United Way Winnipeg!

Ordering note: ( please read our playbook) KB2 Clothing is an innovative, no minimum apparel company, and that means things take time, we don't rush our orders, we take time and would rather have a higher end quality garment that'll last vs a get it out a quick type of process.

We place each order as it's ordered, no inventory on hand, everything ordered is ordered as you place it. Customization, special options, colour changes are always welcome as it's what we do.

 Please note with this collection we'll group orders together and print when we have a significant volume to do so or if not at the beginning of each month. 

Shipping options would be either pick up at VIRGIN RADIO WINNIPEG or pay to have it shipped to a location of your choice.