Strong & Free

We are starting a movement and it’s simple. We call it “The Fit City Project “. 
We are bringing back fun and adventure as the key to health. Our mission is to make sure our community is fit enough to make memories. 
The community we are building is going to be online, and connecting in the real world. 
We are also going to be positively influencing the lives of the community around us through donations. 
$2 to Society of Manitobans with Disabilities 
$2 The Polar Bear Fund
$2 Siloam Mission 
$1 Hull’s Haven.

KB2 Clothing is a no minimum, unique apparel family-run company built upon higher quality apparel that takes time to produce. We're extremely proud to be able to collaborate with Jordan on this project. @kb2clothing 

Please expect 5-6 weeks from payment to door as each item is ordered and decorated in queue as it's paid for. 

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