We’ve gotten little side ways on what Health and Wellness is supposed to be. There is a movement starting called The Fit City Project. The goal is to bring back fun and adventure. Help people become fit enough to make memories and build a strong community online, and in person.

Our first order of business is to start being seen in social media and in public. We partnered with Kal Barteski for that. Our “Strong and Free” t-shirt is our first jump into creating our community. We are dividing $7 from each shirt to movements in the city we care about.

$2 to Society of Manitobans with Disabilities - specifically their sledge hockey program

$2 to Siloam Mission

$2 to support Churchill, Manitoba as directed by Kal and her passion for that town.

$1 to Hull’s Haven Dog Rescue.

The rest of the profits are going to go directly to creating content, support groups, walking groups and ambassador programs in as many neighborhoods in Winnipeg as possible.

We will prove the model in our home. Then take it to Canada. It’s time to change Health.

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