Medically Intoxicated

Message from Medically Intoxicated Founder/Creator: Terry Smaczylo:

My clothing line Medically Intoxicated started as a dream in early 2017. Without any knowledge of the clothing industry, I had a vision to take on mental health and illness.  

I have suffered so much of my life and it's a huge deal in the world we live in today. 

While I still physically and emotionally can, I'll do whatever I can to make my dream a reality.

My goal isn't to be wealthy, but to have the world remember me for the person I am today. 

To have people wear my clothing brand is truly an honour. I am against big pharma and their pills for profit. They do more damage than good. I am all for the pro-marijuana era. If has been proven successful for myself and many others in many different situations.  Such as cancer, depression, anxiety and many other terrible diseases and illnesses.   

The struggle is real and together we can beat the struggle

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